Under the Nordenga bridge.

Nydalen subway station.

Some crap at the edge of Vannspeilet...

The bridge to nowhere.... The partially demolished Sørenga bridge.

Havnelageret (Oslo Harbour Warehouse). When completed in 1921, the largest concrete building in Europe.

Barcode under construction.


Weird construction, made out of shipping containers, at Sukkerbiten.

Borgen, now demolished.

Sørenga Bridge.... Still going nowhere.

Barcode... Still under construction.

Sørenga, in rainy weather...

The Nobel Peace Center, at Rådhusplassen (The City Hall Square).


The statue of FDR at Rådhusplassen (The City Hall Square).


The Holmenkollen ski jump arena, out of season...

Random street sign at Majaorstua.

Frognerparken, looking east from the Monolith.

The main attraction of the Vigeland installation; The Monolith.

The old Frogner Cinema, where I lived right upstairs as a little kid. :)

Flower installation at Viktoria terrasse.


Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel.

Oslo City shopping centre/Biskop Gunnerus' gate.


Street art in Schweigaardsgate.

Annette Thommessens plass/The Acrobat bridge.

Schweigaards gate, with Galleriet and Plaza in the background.

Spooky weather coming in over the Nordenga bridge...

The Øya Festival underway at Middelalderparken (The Medieval Park).

The Stena Line ferry to Fredrikshavn (Denmark). A fresh coat of paint wouldn't hurt. ;)


Construction work still going on at Barcode... Will they EVER finish...?

I guess it will be over when this lady sings... At Sukkerbiten.

Big ass cruise ship visiting, dwarfing the Akershus fortress.

Big ass cruise ship visiting, dwarfing the Akershus fortress.

Passage under the railroad tracks, Harald Hårdrådes plass.